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First of all, I am looking for a responsible person who is willing to take GREAT care of my puppies when determining a buyer. Buyers must agree to keep an eye on the dog throughout it's lifespan making sure not to let it run loose through the neighborhood unsupervised. This is how pit bulls get the bad reputation that they have. Socialization is a large part of being a responsible owner but even a good dog can do bad things if left to run loose without being watched. The Buyer's Responsibility: The buyer agrees to take good care of this puppy, feed and house the puppy properly, maintain shots and proper physical and emotional care and welfare.

All questions need to be answered in some way – If it does not apply simply write N/A in the box.

There are no right or wrong answers, these questions are simply to ensure that you get the right dog for your lifestyle and that my puppies go to the very best homes.

Some questions may seem a little strange but they help more than you think! All information is strictly confidential and will never be shared with anyone outside of The Redwood kennels . Our dogs must come first in all situations so we do ask some personal questions, this is purely to protect them.

Redwood Kennels requirements $500 deposit holds your pick with remaining balance due when pups are 8 weeks. Only taking 4 deposits on males and 4 deposits on females per litter until pups are born.

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Our Policy

Included with Puppy are:

  • Depend on the litter UKC and ADBA registration papers. 
  • Up-to-date vaccinations and deworming’s. 
  • Socialization with both children and adults. 
  • Top-notch care from an experienced breeder, giving the puppies the very best care from day one. 

Reserving a Puppy:

  • Early reservations are highly recommended due to demand.
  • The pick number is the order in which everyone picks a certain sex from the litter. If you have 1st pick male, that means that you get to pick first from all of the males in the litter. The next person to come pick from them all, would be the person with 2nd pick male, etc... 
  • We start off taking 4 deposits for each sex, when the litter is born we will take more depending on what we have. 
  • We reserve the right to have 1st pick of either sex from any litter without notice on any litter. (this would be under special circumstances only... for example: the loss of a stud or bitch where offspring are needed to preserve my breeding stock).
  • Deposits and all monies received are non-refundable but are transferrable to a future litter. 
  • If the sex of the puppy you reserved is not available, then you will be moved to the next available litter of your choice.
  • We will contact you by email almost all of the time. I am pretty busy and phone calls take more time so email is most convenient for me. Please make sure that your email program doesn't send our message to the spam or junk mail box. It is your responsibility to keep in touch with us, if we cannot contact you we cannot be responsible if you miss out on getting your puppy or other important information from us. We do not have time to chase people down... 
  • Studs are subject to change at any time on any litter. 

Paying for a Puppy:

  • We take deposits by PayPal or by U.S. Postal Money Order sent to our home. PayPal deposits include a 4% fee that they charge us to use their service. Postal Money Orders DO NOT include a fee and can be bought at any U.S. Post Office, they are easy to track and are always accepted. 
  • If you are picking the puppy up at our home, you may pay your balance at that time. You will need to bring cash, we do not accept personal checks at pickup. 
  • If you are having the puppy shipped, you will need to pay your balance and shipping in full before the puppy reaches 6 Weeks old. 
  • If you do not pay for your puppy on time your deposit may be forfeited and the puppy will be put back up for sale.

Picking a Puppy from the Litter:

  • People will pick their puppy in order, beginning with those who have first picks of each sex. For example, if you have 1st pick male, that means that you get to pick first from all of the males in the litter. The next person to come pick from them all, would be the person with 2nd pick male, etc... 
  • If you are having your puppy shipped, you will need to choose your puppy and have the balance and shipping charges paid in full before the puppy turns 6 Weeks old. This allows us to follow our schedule as planned. We will make flight reservations for them to fly to you on the day we schedule to ship them (when the puppies are 8-9 weeks old). These dates will be listed on the litter information for the breeding on either our breeding’s or puppies page on the website.
  • If you are shipping your puppy and do not have first pick, you will need to pick several pups that you like, in the order that you like them (1st choice, 2nd choice etc..) by 6 Weeks old and let me know which ones you like the most in the correct order. That way if people come here and are supposed to pick before you, or after you, they we will know which puppy you like the most and we will tell them it is taken. We will notify you the next day (after pickup day) as to which puppy highest on your list was reserved for you. 
  • We have been breeding dogs for over a decade and plan to keep breeding them for many more years to come. Please keep up with the breeding’s we have going on if you have decided to transfer a deposit. Just let us know when a breeding interests you and we will then put your deposit toward that breeding. 


  • Puppies are shipped at 7 or 9 Weeks old, usually on a Saturday or Sunday. Dates will be listed under the breeding information on the website. 
  • Shipping is an extra $350 within the United States. International shipping will cost a little more. This includes crate, all required documents, and transportation to the airport. Older puppies may cost a little more to ship due to increased weight.
  • We prefer not to ship our puppies unless you are really far away and cannot possibly pick up your puppy. We ship within the US (excluding Hawaii) and to Canada (only in areas where there are no bans on the breed). 
  • Shipping and the puppy must be paid for in full before the puppies reach 6 weeks old. 
  • We ship our puppies through United Airlines when we can.

We are a small kennel of American Pit bull Terrier , located in Atlanta Ga, producing a limited number of litters per year. This is because we believe in quality over quantity.