Home of American Pit Bull Terrier Heritage, Gameness, Temperament and Conformation   

Exhibitors wouldn’t immerse themselves in the dog show world without loving it. There are a lot of positive experiences at dog shows ranging from just spending time with the dogs, to meeting new friends and mentors, to the elation of winning a  Best in Show.

So many awesome experiences to mention, but two stand out. Number one was asking someone to mentor me.  The American Pit Bull Terriers are very adaptable and will do well in an urban setting, provided they have enough personal attention, exercise and positive outlets for their mental and physical energy.  APBT's are easy going couch potatoes, but they can also be quite rambunctious and playful all their life and have a great sense of humor. 

We are a small kennel of American Pit bull Terrier , located in Atlanta Ga, producing a limited number of litters per year. This is because we believe in quality over quantity.